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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, live your own life at the same time as you follow My Will. That you follow My Will means your wings and Mine as One spread far and wide. Be assured when you follow Me, you embrace the world yet do not put any semblance of world success before divine service. Serve God, serve the world. This is another way I, God, say to you in all humility:

“Beloved, have no other Gods before Me.”

This is another way I say:

“I, God, am the Doer.”

Even as you and I are One, you do not claim to be the Doer. Upholding God is your realm of service.

You have been invited to ride in God’s Chariot. Riding in God’s Chariot is how you serve God. Following God’s Will is a bona fide way for you to favor the world. One with Me is how you serve…

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