Energy Update: Strong SOULar Winds & Geomagnetics June 1st

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

HIGH SOULar winds today June 1st bringing in a geomagnetic storm and activations again! It is a relatively gentle entry for Gaia (and us) into this SOULar wind stream, perhaps offset by the recent lunar full moon/Divine Feminine frequencies.
You may feel this though on the physical body level in dizziness, intense sleepiness, body pains, Kundalini/Chakra activation, etc. As always, grounding helps through walking on Gaia with bare feet, burying your feet in sand, putting a selenite wand at your feet. The right foot chakra moves energy out, so you can also visualize energy moving out of that chakra and into inner Gaia. Or through the grounding chord at the base of your spine/root chakra that connects to Gaia.
Yesterday, I woke up from a crash/INtegrative nap at 5:55pm…..then this morning, again, at 5:55am. Last week it was 444 repeatedly appearing….and this week 555! I…

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