Emmanual Dagher June Energy Report: Love Expands

Forever Unlimited

Emmanual Dagher June Energy Report: Love Expands

May brought us so many changes. June is going to give us the opportunity to rest and catch our breath, before the energies pick up again during the eclipse and multi-retrograde season later on in the summer.

The first week of June will offer us the opportunity to think outside the box, and to focus on expanding our consciousness in ways that we might not have thought of before.

This is an excellent time to write down any ideas and inspirations you might receive. They will serve as golden gems that help you navigate through the next few highly energetic months, beginning in July.

Clear Communication

The first part of June will also ask us to get clear on how we communicate with others. This will be a great time to check in to see if we’re expressing ourselves fully, honestly…

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Meet Your Inner Teenager Guided Meditation

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

The Inner Teenager is often a part with a very strong frequency inside of many people. This part of you has many hopes, dreams, and desires, as well as much despair. It’s a true gift to connect with this part of you, who so wants to be met and heard as well as felt in his/her trauma and drama.

Join me as I guide you through this journey to meet your Inner Teenager part of you with the help and guidance of Mother Mary and Archangel Metatron. This meditation is offered as a bridge into the world of your Inner Teenager so you can start connecting to this energy consciously.

Music used for this meditation:
“Soothing ANGELIC MUSIC for Meditation & Healing [1Hr]” from the channel Meditative Mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MefovTGtNVI&list=RDODqGLPVJf_c&index=33

For more on the Inner Teenager, you can take in the following blogs/videos:

Inner Child, Star Seed, Inner…

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June 2018 Energy Update with Lee Harris ~ Power & Vulnerability

Tania Marie's Blog

There’s always some great seeds of insight in Lee’s Energy Updates so I’m sure you’ll find June’s just as supportive. I agree with him that May provided another level of clarity for me as well, as I was surfing through a variety of choices and paths. That felt important to sit with and integrate before taking action and now things do feel to have a new momentum. You can explore choices in your imagination through the now to feel into a potential future self and how that resonates for you.

Lee speaks about how manifestation is “magnetic” right now and instant…I think we’ve all been experiencing that, and as I mentioned in a recent blog about creative connections with others really increasing, Lee speaks to this wave and how it’s really demonstrating the oneness we share.

He also talks about authentic power coming through our experience and expression of vulnerability and…

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Saint Germain via James McConnell – 5-27-18

Higher Density Blog

I AM St. Germain.

As always it is a pleasure to be with you to be able to share and have these moments, these continuing moments that are changing rapidly.

Many of the things that have been foretold, many of the various predictions, many of the changes that have been said will happen are in the works now. They are in process. You are beginning to see the glimmerings of these. Each and every day more and more is coming forward more and more truths are being revealed and more are about to be revealed. Because everything is in motion now. Everything is in a shifting motion and can no longer be stopped. 

Thanks to   https://saintandrewstwinflame.com/2018/05/31/saint-germain-via-james-mcconnell-may-27th-2018/https://saintandrewstwinflame.com/2018/05/31/saint-germain-via-james-mcconnell-may-27th-2018/

It has been said that you are in the eye of the storm and the storm is raging around you. You, though, are in that calm, that place of peace…

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ARCHANGEL MCHAEL via Ronna Herman – YOU ARE IN THE MIDST OF A SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION – 5-30-10-18 — Higher Density Blog


Archangel Michael – he actually does wear golden armor!

Via Ronna Herman


Beloved masters, for a moment, imagine that you are fully aware of your origins and that you can tap into your personal cosmic history files any time you wish. Imagine that you have the ability to communicate with those around you without words, mind to mind. Imagine that you have the […]

via ARCHANGEL MCHAEL via Ronna Herman – YOU ARE IN THE MIDST OF A SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION – 5-30-10-18 — Higher Density Blog

New Massive Alien Disclosure, the Truth Embargo is About to be Blown Wide Open

Higher Density Blog

Published on May 28, 2018

There is a clear mission-to bring about a dramatic and seminal Alien Disclosure by those powers who hold the secrets.This is what we can expect in this coming year, it will impact the world like never before. Alien disclosure is inevitable. The fact that they have been able to maintain this embargo is extraordinary but the extra-terrestrial phenomena is global news. There are sightings every single day and witnesses are always coming forward. We absolutely must have disclosure. On a fundamental basis the idea that certain individuals in the government know that we are not alone in the universe is unacceptable-every human being on this planet needs to know. There’s also the matter of sequestered technologies. We think that the United States and one or two other countries have terrestrial based technology from crashed vehicles. They have been studying and re-engineering…

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Energy Update: Strong SOULar Winds & Geomagnetics June 1st

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

HIGH SOULar winds today June 1st bringing in a geomagnetic storm and activations again! It is a relatively gentle entry for Gaia (and us) into this SOULar wind stream, perhaps offset by the recent lunar full moon/Divine Feminine frequencies.
You may feel this though on the physical body level in dizziness, intense sleepiness, body pains, Kundalini/Chakra activation, etc. As always, grounding helps through walking on Gaia with bare feet, burying your feet in sand, putting a selenite wand at your feet. The right foot chakra moves energy out, so you can also visualize energy moving out of that chakra and into inner Gaia. Or through the grounding chord at the base of your spine/root chakra that connects to Gaia.
Yesterday, I woke up from a crash/INtegrative nap at 5:55pm…..then this morning, again, at 5:55am. Last week it was 444 repeatedly appearing….and this week 555! I…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 1 June 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light


The space around you seems empty yet because there are many levels of existence it is in fact alive with many different forms of life. You talk in terms of dimensions for easy understanding, but in reality one vibration smoothly runs into another without any clear division. Each of you is at your own level that is consistent with your present vibration. You reach the higher levels of vibration as a result of your ability to project energy of love that is of the same higher vibrations. By maintaining a constant high level you can evolve even further, to the point where they are so high that you are no longer affected by the lower vibrations around you. It is because the more you can raise your vibrations, the more you are protected by your Light that is all powerful. At your present levels you would be unable to stand…

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Julian Assange: Political Prisoner of the Queen Elizabeth

Revelations for most Americans… Queen Lizzie runs our legal system.

Patriots for Truth

Sometimes it takes a while for articles of interest to percolate up to the surface of independent media. Notice the timing of these articles below and decide for yourself if the headline could be true.

March 20, 2018

SCL – a Very British Coup

Two days later, we have a tweet from Julian pointing to the article.

Julian Assange March 22March 28, 2018

Ecuador cuts off Julian Assange’s internet access at London embassy

Separately and apart from the Bella Caledonia article, our research uncovered the same conclusions – the Queen is running a spy operation from Windsor Castle. She is an enemy of the United States and many countries where she, Geoffrey Pattie, the Privy Council, and her extensive spy, propaganda, and election rigging network terrorizes not only the British people, but countries around the world.


Our blockbuster report is coming out soon. We have been leaving ‘nuggets of interest’ from our…

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