The Pieces Are Falling Into Place, Follow The White Rabbit ~ May 31, 2018


Okay folks…here are my thoughts. Trump is doing a fantastic job at getting the US to pull out of, or be forced out of many, many countries. Pretty nice folks. Let’s look at this a different way…the US being “out of the game”in so many places means that other countries will start talking to each other, and perhaps…gasp(!), true peace will be established!

Just saying…while I AM patriotic, I AM no believer in US Imperialism. So…let’s watch this game continue on, give Trump his due for disrupting the US war machine, give true peace a chance (yes!), and…



Pompeo meets the North Korean envoy as they prepare for the June 12 summit. US General says the Afghanistan government and the Taliban are in secret peace talks. China and Russia will hold joint military drills. Assad says he wants the entire country back, Erdogan speaks to Putin…

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