Muslim Brotherhood and Valerie Jarret Exposed – May 30, 2018

Ah, I get it now. Roseanne is an intelligent woman working to MAGA. The Alliance supports its troops whatever their talents and Roseanne has a talent for words, a deadly weapon in the hands of an expert.


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This IS the best article I have found on the Rosanne Barr /Valerie Jarrett episode written by Ya Sharma on Facebook. This addresses the spiritual matter which IS timely! So…stay tuned, enjoy the various fireworks, enjoy the show, and…


Muslim Brotherhood and Valerie Jarret Exposed
​Roseanne Show Cancellation – Calculate Move By Alliance

Not for a second did I think that Roseanne tweeted about Valerie Jarret out of the blue. Rose is a very intelligent, experienced and aware woman. She would not throw herself under the bus out of impulse. ​This is a very calculated move. But why, and by whom? Read on to know my perspective.

Lets retrace the events in brief. Roseanne has been vocal about MK Ultra, Monarch and other black programs. She has been red-pilling public on #pizzagate for a while. She openly supports President Donald J. Trump Clearly, she knows, understands and follows…

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