MSM Terrorizes Americans with School Shooting Lies and Propaganda

Patriots for Truth

By Dan Cromer

The Santa Fe High School shooting may be the most obvious example of a fake shooting to date with its all-too-familiar playbook and over-the-top production values.  And that’s really saying something considering the ever-increasing list of state-sponsored deception that has been unleashed on the American people since the 2012 Obama-era nullification of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which prohibited the government from propagandizing its own public.

Yet again, we have been presented with a shooting drill that has been passed off as an actual shooting by the corporate fake news media. In fact, Santa Fake High School had recently conducted dress rehearsals (i.e. active-shooter drills with armed police) and on February 28, was even placed on lockdown with a police investigation for “popping sounds” heard outside of the school.  So, these kids had done their homework for their big Friday morning performance.

Santa Fe 1

According to Wikipedia, the

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