Headlines for May 16 – 17, 2018: The Web Gets Stickier [videos] ~ May 17, 2018

Use discernment…


Many thanks to Starship Earth for this one, and…



The headlines are revealing that the web we knew about is far larger than we imagined and it’s getting very sticky. Even the spiders themselves are ensnared in the instrument of their own making.

They thought they were protected because they’re “well connected”. They thought they were invincible, but because they’re literally connected and the thread has been pulled, it’s all coming apart.

Sooner or later, it will lead to the spiders’ nest, and then what will they do? Ironically, the predators have become the prey. They are stucker than stuck, and the more they try to wriggle free, the more they implicate themselves.

The truth is exposing the posers hiding behind their lies. How much longer can the masses fail to see the truth?

Some indications are that there may be a loud wake-up call just prior to…

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