Dr. Michael Salla, Exopolitics.org 5-15-18… “Hawaii Volcanic Eruption Intentionally Triggered to Generate Massive Tsunami?”

Interesting correlation and perspective. Frankly, I’m suspicious whenever the Rothschild family is involved. Fracking does have a direct correlation to earthquakes as noted in North America, with earthquake epicenters often in or near fracking sites. Why was a geothermal “endeavor” licensed to run on an active and very young volcano, I ask? Who was bribed? Hawaiian citizens should look into this violation of the sanctity of Pele’s land.

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Thanks to the 3,647,796 people who alerted me to this article and/or other links that implied this might be what’s going on with Kilauea. After reading this, and seeing all the connections, what Dr. Salla describes is a definite possible scenario.

My own view was that the tsunami-generation situation was never going to happen, and that this whole Kilauea deal was part of Pele’s way of reclaiming her land. Particularly “irritating” to me for several years, has been this Puna Geothermal venture which has been ongoing for many years, and which I always felt was a violation of the Spirit of this island, and of the people, particularly Hawaiian families who lived near there (see this video, with powerful testimony of a Hawaiian man, against the geothermal venture).

As always with Dr. Salla’s articles, I’m posting 1/3 of the article, highlighting from the full article, and linking to the…

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