Who Has the Wisdom to Make All Decisions? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

What causes misunderstandings amidst My Children? Usually, simply that – misunderstandings. There are many roads to understanding as well as many roads to misunderstanding. Both appear as free handouts any day of the week.

One partner may say: “Sell the business.”

The other may say: “Expand the business.”

This isn’t really a misunderstanding. It’s a disagreement.

How can two people come to a common decision and each stand firmly in his or her truth?

Can there be a democratic decision, or is too much being asked of you or anyone to decide?

Which restaurant to eat in today can be conceded. Heart and soul are not at stake.

Now, here is the crux. Where do two partners go from here? Is one response true and another untrue? When a decision has to be made based on two disparate points of view, what will you do then? What if…

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