Whatever Happened to Judith Dagley Flaherty?

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

May 15, 2018

I’ve been hearing the question.  I’ve wanted very badly to answer. 

But I’ve also been hearing, “DON’T GO THERE!”  Very loud.  “Don’t go back into it, not for anyone, not for any reason.  You do not have the stamina, they won’t even hear you yet, anyway, and YOU need your energy now, so leave it behind you and save YOURSELF!”

lightning boltAnd all of those things are true.  Including my compelling desire to leave nothing behind me– which it isn’t, because telling YOU everything about it is a critical part of it.  So MY question is not which of those truths to honor.  It is how to honor all of them in the precisely “right timing” required. 

This is not a decision I can randomly make on my own, either.  “Just do it” doesn’t cut it, anymore (if it ever did)– being the sort of 3D ego-driven…

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