Special Message from Archangel Michael


Editor:  I am reposting this message from Archangel Michael as some of my friends and I have had some recent interactions and encounters with False Lightworkers.  They can be quite charming, at first, but if you contradict their beliefs and/or their “stories”, they will turn on you viciously and sometimes attack.  They need to be right and in control.  They feed off of other people’s energies as they cannot access Source energy through their own closed heart centers.  They should be pitied and avoided.  This is when the fine art of discernment and feeling the energies (clairsentience) comes in handy.

By Archangel Michael


Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information on the status of the lightworkers and assist the collective consciousness. There has been much being brought up to the forefront within each of your lives and on a collective level. We have mentioned before, all that doesn’t resonate with your soul is being revealed, as opportunities for transformation and growth. Many have grown stronger from these experiences. We wish to share the changes from this growth and transformation, as many are feeling the difference. A great change within… This journey is about the inner healing, which in turns affect the collective. Let us delve deeper into these changes, and how it affects the lightworker community, both in service to Love and those not in service. As always, awareness transforms into consciousness.

Child-Like Essence & Unity Consciousness

The lightworkers embracing these energies… Trusting Love… are experiencing grand changes. This stems from within. Fear, doubt, worries, expectations and more are melting or have melted away as you are resonating within the Heart. The Heart is fearless and the source of your Divinity. However, the most profound feeling of the Heart is the Childlike essence. The Wonder, the Magic, the Miracle, the adventure of Being a Child. Childlike Wonder! An exhilarating, overwhelming and highly energetic feeling of Unconditional Love. This is your natural state of Being, not a state of mind. The mind becomes easily identifiable as your level of awareness is increased. For some, the mind becomes an annoyance. This occurs as anything that is imbalanced becomes more aware to your senses. The mind is the essence of imbalances and was meant to conflict of the Heart. Why do you think one must silence the mind in meditation, to tap into your essence? The mind blocks this connection. In the heart, there exists, no debate, conflict, turmoil, or any limited constructs from the mind, as the Heart, Your Soul, can never function like this. You Are Free and Unified with the All… the One… Prime Creator, Source, Mother of All Creation, Mother Gaia. You Be Love, for you are Love. Love… God… are One and the same. The same BEing… the same Essence… the same meaning. God=Love is Child Like. Something that humanity has forgotten or are in denial due to various conditionings of what God is like or supposed to be. Much of this conditioning stems from religion, social and cultural conditioning.

There is also a yearning of Unity, with Mother Earth, Mother of All Creation, Primer Creator, The Holy Spirit and with All of Creation. This includes your Brothers & Sisters of Humanity and your Star Families. We Are All One, joined by the Unified Heart, the Cosmic Heart… This is Unity Consciousness, Dear Ones. All of your inner spiritual work is to tap into this infinitely grand and constantly expanding consciousness. This is the realm where the mind could never enter. There is also a strong yearning to Be of Service… of Service to Love… to Gaia… to All of Creation. As you dissolve the programmed ego mind, anchor in higher consciousness, your soul, and keep focused in the Heart, more will be revealed as to your roles of service. You are encouraged to Keep Shining your Light and stay Heart Centered. You are holding the light for All of Humanity and All of Creation.

False Lightworkers Unmasked

Many lightworkers have asked; “Why are many of the lightworkers going off the path? Why are they having difficulty with these energies and are extremely reactive?” Dear Ones, we have informed the collective through various channels about the focus of the Heart. The Heart, Heaven, 5D Consciousness has not belief systems or any limited constructs. Many of your brothers and sisters are choosing to hold on these belief systems. Any limited constructs are of the mind. This means they are holding on to the mind. They are in constant conflict due to going back and forth from the mind to the heart. This is taking a toll on the body with various De~Ascension symptoms. The mind has created constructs for many of these lightworkers who think they are in service to Love. In Truth Dear Ones, if you are in the mind, you are food for the old controllers. In these current energies, these lightworkers are being easily identified, either with the naked eye or simply by “Feeling”. The feeling of being drained. A simple way to identify such lightworkers is Separation. There are many forms of separation.

We have noticed these false lightworkers like to point fingers as to the ones that are Real, and those that are not. Then, support those who are not real. This has greatly slowed down many events on the planet, as MotherEarth, Gaia needs everyone’s support right now, during this planetary ascension if she does not make it, none of you will either. The solution is to get the real information to as many beings on this planet as possible. These false lightworkers gossip and pour this lower vibrational energy onto the collective. Many of these lightworkers intentions are to gain followers, to share in their mind’s belief systems and fantasies, so they may steal energies from one another. Since they cannot or choose not to tap into the Heart for Source energy (False Lightworkers). The ones that receive the blow of these energies are the Real Lightworkers. This is because the mind cannot BE Love, and goes after the ones that are of the Love. They push the energies of Blame and Jealousy because deep within, they know who are the examples of Love and gravitate towards their energies.  Instead of Being Love and Unified with their brothers & sisters, their minds convince them, that this method of lashing out and bring forth their “mind’s form of truth”, this is service. We have noticed many who have tried to reason with these beings, where the outcomes can vary from sarcasm, denial and other subtleties. However, those that are deep in unconsciousness, these circumstances have bordered the realm of socio/psychopathic tendencies and behaviors. Their projections come forth aggressively. Many of these lightworkers intentions, are to gain followers, to share in their mind’s belief systems and fantasies, so they may steal energies from one another. Since they cannot or choose not to tap into the Heart for Source energy, they steal it from others, continuing the old paradigm of Taking. These Beings exude traits of;



Power over Others,


Delusions of Grandeur,



Incubus & Succubus Energy,

Thinking they know better,

Lack of experience,

Doesn’t Walk Their Talk,



Erratic Behavior,

Robotic Habits and Behavior,

Socio/Psychopathic Behaviors,

Wanting Reverence,





Intimidation: the stealing of energies by threat,

Interrogation: the stealing of energies by questioning and judgment,

Wanting to Be God,

Supporting the Old Paradigm,

and many other conditionings, all based from the mind. Dear Ones, the Heart Responds… the Mind… the Ego Reacts. There are those who “think” they are connected to the Divine and hear voices. If you are not in the Heart, where your Angels, Guides and Star Family connect with you, then what voices are these? This is what we refer to as the ‘Super Ego’. A construct created by the mind, a morphing of the ‘Spiritual Ego’, thinking they are talking or tapping into the Divine. This is the mind’s way of mimicking telepathy, Divine Intelligence, and communication with the Angels, Elementals and other Guides. A way to discern such behavior is when these Beings are being “told” or “ordered”, on what to do. Dear Ones, we in the higher realms never ‘Tell’ you what to do, as this would go against Universal Law. We provide guidance, recommendations, suggestions… We Honor Your Choices. Some of the Beings insist they are in the Heart and have ‘no ego’. This is a ‘dark pit’ of the mind. Since the ego mind cannot see itself, it desires to be Love and ‘thinks’ it can be Love, instead of Feeling Love. It thinks it is in higher consciousness and evolving when the opposite is true… and in these energies, it will not bold well for the mind.

Self Judgment & Letting Go

We have noticed those lightworkers struggling to stay heart-centered when the mind creeps up to rob them of energy… joy… bliss… Love. One of the things holding back these lightworkers is Self Judgement. You are being too hard on yourselves Dear Ones. Let go of expectations, especially with oneself. Do not see or treat this as ‘work’. Why not take the aspect of a child and treat this experience as an adventure. An adventure to Know your True Selves. Simply Trust Love and Let Go. Be in the Flow of Unconditional Love. Love yourselves… Honor yourselves. Be Love… Be Love in Action. Free yourselves from your burdens and Trust Love to handle the details. Tap into what brings you Joy.. to what feeds your Soul. Follow our Heart’s passions and not the desires of the mind.

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