WES PENRE: “How To Escape Lucifer’s Afterlife Trap”

Be careful which “Orion Empire” you are entering, Lower or Upper. Lower is dominated by negative low-density beings called the Belials. Not a pleasant place to go.

Ascension Avatar

Ascension Avatar note:  Quoting Lisa Renee, “Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest.” 🙂

I can understand if it may sound scary to choose not to go to the Light because many of us are afraid of the unknown.  Whereas, the Light feels “safe” because we’ve gone there so many times, and “everybody else” who went there seems to have done just fine.  However, remember that you are being multidimensional every single night you go to sleep and dream.  This is a taste of what is awaiting after we die — except, after we die, we are in charge of our “dreams” and can create consciously what we create unconsciously during REM sleep.

However, this only gives a partial picture, so let’s get a little bit more into detail about what I have learned recently on the details about escaping the AIF…

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David Wilcock on Fade to Black 5-14-18 (with Jimmy Church)

Kauilapele's Blog

David appeared on F2B with Jimmy Church on 5-14-18. There were many points in this one that hit home. Perhaps others will find the same. Excellent interviewing by Jimmy, in my view.

I’m posting the video below and, as I’ve done before, I’ve taken the audio and isolated the DW part, and removed the ads and metal guitar music. The audio player and MP3s (configured for smartphones), below that.


MP3s (minus ads and music; each part 30 min., 14 MB): Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Complete show

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Wednesday, May 16 – Thursday, May 17, 2018 ~ May 16, 2018


It has taken 1,964 years for the Black Moon and Pluto to come together again in the sky at 22 degrees of Capricorn and the energetic of the Sabian symbol “a general accepting defeat gracefully.”

Tomorrow, it happens again.

Actually, the effects happen in the form of a wave, and have been building for about a month (since the New Moon in Aries/New Astrological Year on April 15, 2018).

So, in the midst of this New Moon phase that sees Uranus changing signs (!), we have this very historic conjunction of the Black Moon and Pluto.  Nothing less than a massive wave to end tyrannical systems and bring about systems of rebirth is upon us.

The goal is to maintain grace as the energetic brings individual shadow sides and the collective shadow side up from the hidden underworld and into the light of day.

Keep in mind that there are…

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PedoPope to Resign! Q Right Again! JAG Prosecutor Will Skewer NXIVM Traffickers – YouAreFreeTV

PedoPope to Resign! Q Right Again! JAG Prosecutor Will Skewer NXIVM Traffickers


The Pope’s “Terrible May” predicted by Q is unfolding! Pope Francis announced his possible resignation in coming months and Leo Zagami, ex-Illuminati high degree Italian Mason says Francis is to be replaced by an African Pope. Meanwhile, the appointment of Richard Donoghue, the ex-JAG lawyer from Fort Bragg, will be prosecuting the NXIVM case in Brooklyn, NY!

Dane Wigington – Chemtrails Mask Severity of Climate Collapse

Dane Wigington – Chemtrails Mask Severity of Climate Collapse

Greg Hunter

Geoengineering affects the environment and human health with metal particles used to reflect the sun. It’s commonly known as “chemtrails.” Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington explains, “Stand back and consider. You can’t breathe without inhaling these particulates. They are completely saturating the air column. I assure you, this is building up in all of us. Lab tests prove this with hair, blood, and urine . . . they are building up in all of us. Not only is it right here, right now, toxifying every breath we take, it is decimating the earth life support system, the protective layers of the atmosphere and the ozone layer. This is an all-out assault against life. This is being used as a weapon. These programs are not benevolent. In addition to being used as a weapon, climate engineering is being used to mask, and this is very important, it is being used to mask the full severity of climate collapse from the population by confusing and dividing people. . . . They are going to keep covering this up until the last possible moment.”

Editor:  The chemtrails contain viruses, as well.  The incidence of respiratory illnesses has increased within the last couple of decades.

This hardly EVER happens – Earth soon to be in the middle of a RARE planetary arrangement ~ May 16, 2018



Pretty interesting supposition is given here by Mr. BBB333. It seems that from July 9 through August 28, every planet, and most of the dwarf planetary bodies, will be located on a single “side” of our Sun. This has never been seen before…and since all planets are connected by frequency, this will cause a type of frequency “imbalance” in our cosmic neighborhood. Could this very minor change in the frequency of nature be the reason for weather anomalies, weird animal behavior, and earthquake/volcanic activity being seen NOW on Earth?

Stay tuned and we will ALL experience this together.So…might be a really good time to get right with yourself, your Creator, and…


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It’s Happening | The Council via Ron Head

Rainbow Wave of Light


Are you having symptoms? Meeting obstacles? Running into blockages? Confused? Worried? May we help?

This is an extraordinary, wondrous, almost instantaneous Event, dear friends. You, and everything around you are being transformed, just as you have always planned it. But, also as you have planned it, you experience change in sequential now moments. You call this time. Isn’t it fun? It gives you so many chances to explore the infinite possibilities.

On the subject of symptoms, we would point out to you that each person is passing through a sequence of changes that need to occur to prepare their body and their consciousness for the transit from their ‘current’ state to the state they have previously decided is their desired goal. As a side note, this goal is only another step up on an eternal journey. The frequencies that you are preparing for would be damaging without these intermediate improvements…

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QHHT Session Summary: Transitioning to New Earth, Financial Systems, Earth Experiment ~ May 16, 2018


This is a very interesting QHHT session sent to me by my friend P. You may want to listen in on this one and learn more about how we will (are) transitioning. So…please watch this video, learn a lot, and…



A client came to me because she was at a HUGE crossroads in her life. She had a few health issues (digestive IBS, pain in neck, skin complexion) going on and wanted to learn more about the New Earth and if her family would be making the transition… Here is a summary of what we learned about her path and the Ascension process including Jesus, financial systems, and energy waves.

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Hawaii goes on RED ALERT for ‘major eruption ~ May 16, 2015


OK folks…here we go! Not only is the geo-political scene gearing up with tension in Russia, the supposed deterioration of the scene in North Korea (“Q” says this is fake), but the physical situation of the planet is changing before our eyes. Please read more about this using the link below. Stay tuned, stay calm, go into your heart, and…



Hawaii goes on RED ALERT for ‘major eruption Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5733935/Hawaii-goes-RED-ALERT-major-eruption-Kilauea-volcano.html#ixzz5FglzU7eS Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


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