U.S. Federal Courts Are Unconstitutional

Most of our Federal gov’t bureaucracy is illegal. Who knew? A few patriots who were considered absolute nut cases, that is. And now the rest of us are learning the Truth…

AIM Truth Bits

Federal Court System Operates Outside of the U. S. Constitution.

It is a Corporation NOT A GOVERNMENT UNIT.

The American people have been played as suckers. This is why the U. S. Military will need to seize all unconstitutional government units (SES, Serco, Crown Agents, federal courts, etc) and try the criminals through tribunals.


Judge Anna Maria Rezinger. (Oct. 15, 2015). A NATIONAL BEQUILED, ref. American Bar Association, International Bar Association Affidavit of Obligation, International Commercial Lien. Ref. 16-cv-01077-LTB (DC Co, 2016).

If nothing else, there are many potentially useful items in the timeline between the US and British bar associations.


Her websites are rough, but indicate a person who taught herself blogging well enough to get out her message. In her case, the rough form should not be mistaken for good content, it seems… but that is just from a CURSORY study.

Just verified something she…

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