The Backstory of Another’s Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

When life happens to feel overwhelming to you, step in with Me and let’s give life a good hug. Is this a new thought? What cost does this carry? None? Imperceptible? Why even think about cost?

When anyone or anything seems to tread heavily on you, this is just when and where you can come in and disarm the heaviness that seems about to hang in your heart. Never do I wish your heart or any heart to feel put upon.

When a friend doesn’t quite seem like your buddy anymore, put your arm around your friend. Make this gesture in your mind and heart. From the depth of your heart, think of a simple word or deed with which to bless your friend, even in silence. Do it. Go ahead and desire to give a lift to someone near or far who can use a little upliftment…

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