Dr. Michael Salla, Exopolitics.org 5-13-18… “QAnon on How Ending Iran Peace Deal Thwarts Deep State Plans for Nuclear False Flag Attack”

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In this latest article, Dr. Salla points out the value of the US pulling out of the Iran JCPOA, in bringing the potential for true peace in the Middle East. He ends the article with some points about the QAnon disinfo / Alex Jones / Jerome Corsi business.

As always with Dr. Salla’s articles, I’m posting 1/3 of the article, highlighting from the full article, and linking to the original at the end.

Some may also wish to check out Dr. Salla’s latest book, “Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs“.

“On the Iran issue, QAnon has made many posts that suggest the Iran deal was a cover for Iran to secretly develop a nuclear weapons program in northern Syria, with funding being facilitated by the Deep State working through a multilateral international peace framework. QAnon has previously described how the Deep State’s puppet masters……

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