Bartley’s Commentaries on the Cosmic Wars – April 15th, 2018

Bartley’s Commentaries on the Cosmic Wars April 15th, 2018

James Bartley

James Bartley discusses Discernment, Self Delusion, Silly NSA Stories, Spy Scandals, Intelligence Community rivalries, Astral Rapetoids, Fraudster Gurus and much more.

“Be wary of gossips.  When they are around you, they talk about everyone else.  When they are away from you, they talk about you.”

Negative entities strive to isolate people from each other, to make the person detach from their support system so they can hammer the individual with dark thoughts.

Gossips verbalize intrusive thoughts that create acrimony, the spirit of accusation.

Many of these people are full-on Reptilian hybrids.

Discernment, lack of life experience, self-delusion, do not have enough discernment to navigate through the deception and manipulation.  Through deception, you will wage war.

Many people are wounded at a deep soul level, not just from this lifetime, but many.

Shysters, frauds, and liars are everywhere.

Does someone speak in esoteric jargon?  Speak in flowery language?

Do you have questions about what someone is teaching, but keep take in everything they say?

When you sense the SLIGHTEST discordance, you need to turn off whatever you’re reading or watching.  Have enough self-love, self-worth to say no!

Learn to have a self-check system when you are reading something, to instantly identify B.S. and then discard it.

Entity-induced people have no sincerity.  Tune-in to their frequencies.  Get beyond being needy or dependent on others.  Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

Anyone can be affected by negative entities.

Bartley is addressing mostly the UFO field and esoterics.

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