The Depths of Change We Are IN!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

energy changes

I love when we see, first hand, the massive shift changes we are in in readings.  But man oh man, snapping the puzzle pieces together at first, challenging.

I am sure we will see so much more as we go along, but let me explain how the field was laid up, consistently, yesterday thru the four people I read for.  Keeping in mind as well, I always write about months, but the months themselves are actually very particular energy systems that happen to coincide with our months.  Keeps the story-line going, at least that is what my team says.

May is directly in the back yard, we are in the midst of that energy.  When spirit talked about June and July, the persons energy moved over to the right, crossing the fence line into my neighbors yard, a vastly different and much more intense field of energies.  When it came…

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