Resurrection of the Feminine Godhead

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Cropped Tyla-colorIt seems that the limit of the philosopher becomes the limit of the philosophy.

An excerpt from The Gospel of Sophia, by Tyla Gabriel


After years of study in humanities and religion, the author found that all sacred doctrines of a “trinity” derived from a universal worship of the Great Goddess in her many forms but primarily as a trinity of birth, death, and rebirth or Mother, Daughter, and Holy Sophia. It led her away from the male deities of traditional Christianity into a new age “romper room” dance with the goddess in all Her Christian, pagan, and new age forms.

She saw that there were only a few attempts to draw back the curtain to reveal that Sophia was a primal Creatrix, always working in all aspects of creation. During her research, her blinders were removed, and she could suddenly see Sophia shining out from the…

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