Focus Sessions: The Event, 3D, 4D, 5D. What Does It All Mean?

Well, I can assure you that 5D is well-populated already, if not on Earth, certainly on other planets and star systems. We can “see” you, but you will not be able to “see” us except via spiritual sight or when your physical body (which will be more refined by then) reaches the 5D frequency.

Deus Nexus

Source:Focus Sessions| by Lynn

Q.  Trying to conceptualize comparing our 3D existence to a 4D or 5D reality can be overwhelming and confusing.  I’m often asked about The Event, ascension and the different dimensions that are around us.  I thought I would try to break this down to the best of my ability based on what I am able to intuitively “see.”

A.  Our 3D reality is what you see and feel around you every day.  This reality runs on a linear timeline consisting of births and deaths, and repeating the process in cycles.  Even throughout a person’s life they experience mini births and deaths (could be children moving out to the birth of grand-parenthood).    Every chapter of life is a death of something, and a birth of something else.  Some lessons and expansions of experience can only occur in this linear scale, and we are put…

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