The Explosions of Change, Inside and Out!

We welcome back, Lisa, with this message…

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Well hello again!!!  It feels like forever since I sat at the keyboard to share.  I do not know what it is about New England, but man it kicks me in the chest every single time I have gone to visit my son.  Actually, I stand corrected because I am actually being told what it is by my team. Well, the why anywayz.  But, before I get into all that…

This is the second time in my life I had lost my voice for a total of 11 days in a row.  The last time was when 2012-2013 changed into the higher levels of vibration planet wide.  Spirit has been saying since last year, this year is a vibrational equivalence to another massive change.  My cellular structure feels it!!!  I have said for months now it feels like I am going thru menopause all over again.  In a way, we…

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