The Event – Part 5 – When Change Can Reach You – the cosmic messenger pigeon

...wo das Herz erwachen kann

Since the beginning of time there has been talk of a great change and the return of the gods. Today we want to deepen this statement with the help of my spiritual companions.

Our limited thinking prevents us from illuminating certain statements or writings with a different look. We are so focused that the text that has been given to us contains the absolute truth, and we do not understand that it is an impulse to inspire our thinking and our actions.

No one will come, for all who need it are already incarnated on earth. The big “change-makers” arrived in the 1970s. They are souls with the quality of change and healing. Meanwhile, other souls have incarnated, which have the task of stabilizing the energy on earth to such an extent that the souls incarnated in the 1970s can work unhindered.

Each of these souls has what it needs…

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