SES Fleeces America with No-Bid Contracts to Serco

Patriots for Truth

Check out how much American taxpayers are shelling out to Serco and their no-bid contracts. Thanks to the Senior Executive Service, Americans will continue to be fleeced as their hard earned money flows to Serco, OPIC, and USAID to line the pockets of the greedy, subhuman transnational globalists who suck off our life force like hungry piglets on the teat.


Meanwhile, our roads are full of potholes, our infrastructure is crumbling, our education is indoctrination, our medicine and food are poison. They spray us from the skies like we were bugs to be exterminated. They feast on the bodies of our children. They rape our women and murder our sons and daughters in their fake wars.


They murder kitties in incineration ovens.


striking the beast.jpgSenior Executive Service is the enemy front line.

The next line is Serco.

Once we break these battlefronts of corruptocrats, we can target the Crown…

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