Mother’s Day Headlines 2018 [videos] ~ May 13, 2018

Pretty amazing crazy “out there” and sometimes “inside” as well. Be well, people!


This is another superb reporting job by Molly over at Starship Earth! hope those septic woes end for you quickly! Please read this sntire article ,view the numerous videos, know the truth is NOT what it seems (!), and…



Happy Mother’s Day, no matter what sort of mother you are. I always get cards, flowers and gift cards from the dog. Works for me! I’m ruminating on what to share today over a fragrant cup of lapsang souchong and imagining I’m camping.

It smelled a little like an outhouse here this week as the septic tank suddenly backed up and after waking to gurgling noises at 3:30 a.m. we rose to the worst case scenario in the morning. After dragging out sopping rugs and mopping up the puddles with every scrap in the rag bag and a trip to town to take care of business, we heartily…

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