Update from Jared Rand


Update May 8 Jared Rand. By JR.

Lots going on out there, the deterioration of the dark agenda is in full swing and that doesn’t mean that there aren’t baddies out there, just means that their armor is cracking and disintegrating and being exposed at an alarming rate.

The monetary structure on the planet is progressing, accelerating for the human race so basically what that means is that a lot of the things that you hear are disinformation that are meant to confuse everybody, get everybody out, get everybody upset because of one thing or another it’s always derogatory, it’s always a hurry-up-and-wait situation, it’s always fractured.

On one hand there’s one thing and then there’s another and then there’s several others that go on and happen but in the long run everything is progressing.

The monetary shift on the planet is unbeknown to most people. The clean restructuring is…

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