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Update May 8 Jared Rand. By JR.

Lots going on out there, the deterioration of the dark agenda is in full swing and that doesn’t mean that there aren’t baddies out there, just means that their armor is cracking and disintegrating and being exposed at an alarming rate.

The monetary structure on the planet is progressing, accelerating for the human race so basically what that means is that a lot of the things that you hear are disinformation that are meant to confuse everybody, get everybody out, get everybody upset because of one thing or another it’s always derogatory, it’s always a hurry-up-and-wait situation, it’s always fractured.

On one hand there’s one thing and then there’s another and then there’s several others that go on and happen but in the long run everything is progressing.

The monetary shift on the planet is unbeknown to most people. The clean restructuring is…

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Reports & Warnings Concerning Cobra [video] ~ May 13, 2018

Interesting report. I was personally warned off of Cobra well over a month ago, this by Sirian sources that I have. And as a crew member of a Pleiadian mothership, I am well aware that the Pleiadians are not going to be performing mass landings anytime soon. I still post reports from Ben Fulford and Tom Price. Take the advice to listen within, check your sources and check again. Lately, I’ve seen lightworker friends being taken down/over by the dark. This is an all-out war, a war of intelligence, through electronic means (avoid mass meditations), people who claim to remove implants (they usually put more in) and spiritual teachers who make claims to have evolved beyond 5D (not possible presently in physical form unless a high initiate/yogi). There’s a TON of disinformation and misinformation being presented through what were reliable channeled sources up until six months or a year ago. And, in regards to Cobra specifically, his claim that his “wife” was the Goddess Isis is patently a lie. The Goddess Isis, a Being from Sirius B, has NOT incarnated on Earth since shortly after her Twin Flame and mate, Lord Osiris went out of embodiment. Until fairly recently, She was in the Great Silence. She holds an Etheric Retreat outside of Sedona, AZ and can also be found visiting Venus and the Sirian flagship, The Golden Lily.


Ah, yes…indeed the war for planet Earth is indeed heating up! When information appeared calling Cobra into question by several sources, I knew many questions would arrive because, hey…I have questions in my own mind! No one is exempt from attack in this war it seems…and the attacks made by the dark are not just in the physical realm!

This blog by Starship Earth speaks well to the crux of the problem. The knowledge I have learned from the geo-political scene indicates that the cabal/Illuminati/dark forces are indeed in dire straits as plan after plan after plan for complete world domination has failed.

Their latest ploy? Attack messages that stem from well-known leaders of spirituality to led the spiritual masses into confusion and disorientation which falls into their “divide and conquer” strategy. This is a pretty clever plan, designed to win through introducing spiritual confusion, and…this plan will fail as…

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Mother’s Day Headlines 2018 [videos] ~ May 13, 2018

Pretty amazing crazy “out there” and sometimes “inside” as well. Be well, people!


This is another superb reporting job by Molly over at Starship Earth! hope those septic woes end for you quickly! Please read this sntire article ,view the numerous videos, know the truth is NOT what it seems (!), and…



Happy Mother’s Day, no matter what sort of mother you are. I always get cards, flowers and gift cards from the dog. Works for me! I’m ruminating on what to share today over a fragrant cup of lapsang souchong and imagining I’m camping.

It smelled a little like an outhouse here this week as the septic tank suddenly backed up and after waking to gurgling noises at 3:30 a.m. we rose to the worst case scenario in the morning. After dragging out sopping rugs and mopping up the puddles with every scrap in the rag bag and a trip to town to take care of business, we heartily…

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The Explosions of Change, Inside and Out!

We welcome back, Lisa, with this message…

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Well hello again!!!  It feels like forever since I sat at the keyboard to share.  I do not know what it is about New England, but man it kicks me in the chest every single time I have gone to visit my son.  Actually, I stand corrected because I am actually being told what it is by my team. Well, the why anywayz.  But, before I get into all that…

This is the second time in my life I had lost my voice for a total of 11 days in a row.  The last time was when 2012-2013 changed into the higher levels of vibration planet wide.  Spirit has been saying since last year, this year is a vibrational equivalence to another massive change.  My cellular structure feels it!!!  I have said for months now it feels like I am going thru menopause all over again.  In a way, we…

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Abuses of Power – Lisa Renee


Courtesy of Energetic Synthesis

May 2018

Lisa Renee  https://energeticdownloads.com/podcast/AbusesofPower.mp3

Dear Ascending Family,

In these tumultuous and challenging times of great transition for humanity, we are being forced to repeatedly observe how the values and organizing principles of current human culture have been shaped to distort natural laws and subvert human heart-based values.  The main pillars of society have been built to enslave the masses and extract resources for those at the top and their corrupt minions, willing to turn on their fellow human beings.  If we look at the main problems created in the world, they have been built upon inverted values, enforced by the controller archetype of the False King of Tyranny.

The mass media projection of the idealized successful masculine archetype is one that climbs the corporate or social ladder to be given absolute power in his domain, as long as he plays ball with…

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Appreciation to the Tribe of Invisible Mothers

Sophia's Children

Yes, Mother’s Day, and a happy one, with best wishes, for traditional mothers everywhere.

There is another tribe of mothers, though …

… probably several … that go unseen and unsung in our culture. It’s this tribe — my tribe — that I’m rippling “seeing and song,” homage and appreciation to today.

My Motherhood tribe is part of a tribe made up of about 20-percent of women (sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit fewer, depending on the country and culture), so no small group of people. Just less visible, or actually invisible.

Smiling faces, loving touch. PD image courtesy of Pixneo.

First though, a quickie look at the origins of Mother’s Day.

Turns out, that Mother’s Day in the U.S. was seeded in 1908 when Virginian Anna Marie Jarvis held a memorial service for her own mother, Anna Reeves Jarvis.

Anna Reeves Jarvis apparently planted the seed for it…

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Flynn Didn’t Lie / Kerry Meets With Iranians in Paris – The Right Media

Flynn Didn’t Lie / Kerry Meets With Iranians in Paris – The Right Media, 5/13/18

The Right Media

Today I have a couple stories to come back around to elaborate more on given recent developments. We have John Kerry in Paris with Iranians and a HUGE admission on the Flynn-front.

Invoking The Infinite

Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

Invoking The Infinite, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart Invoking The Infinite, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card, Invoking The Infinite, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Invoking The Infinite: “Healing and Renewal”

“The figure eight was received as a healing symbol, and research into its healing effects is ongoing. Lying on its side, this figure becomes the symbol of infinity, which is beyond measure. There is also a Mobius strip, the universal sign for recycling, which represents single-sided non-duality. Additional triangular geometry and color activate the flow of healing energy.

You have pulled this card today because you are actively involved in a healing process. It is likely self-healing that you seek, but you may also be asking for healing for another. Energies move into your body from a divine source and through your hands to touch the place that needs attention. Use your intuition to…

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