Sundeelia: An Update


Sundeelia:  An Update

For those who are wondering why I haven’t done any Nature Walks or the like lately, I have been convalescing from yet another bout of ill health.  This time I was dealing with a series of fevers, headaches, and bronchial coughing.  Fortunately, I seem to be on the mend and I confess to being very tired of looking primarily at the same four walls.

I’ve also made an interesting discovery.  As a young person, this body always had temperatures that ran a bit low.  For instance, I would wake up with a temperature of 97.2 in the morning.  Now, my temperature runs at the lowest about 98.3 and goes up over 99.0 during the day.  I was wondering if I had a chronic infection or something.  For a couple of days, I had some interesting backpains, which hatched some anxiety about a possible kidney stone (this body has had such in the past), but fortunately, that pain went away on its own.

It’s fascinating to watch how the mind can think up and worry about things.  In the end, I did some research on low-grade fevers and thus discovered that it is perfectly “normal” to run a temperature up to 99.5.  So, I don’t have a fever now.  And now I need to get this body back into shape for walking.  I miss seeing the birds in the local wetlands.  That may have to wait a day or three as we’re about to get an early subtropical system lodged over the area, which will bring much-needed rain to parts of Florida.

I’m doing fine, getting stronger, the cough is much diminished and I hope to get out and do more things this coming week after the rains fall at any rate.

Much love to all the Moms out there.  My mother passed away in 1999, so it’s been a long time without celebrating Mother’s Day since I have no children… here.  However, I did find out recently that Mom has been reborn as a little girl in Canada, a country that she dearly loved.  I thought it was a sweet thing to be told.  And Father is undergoing healing on Arcturus.  I don’t know why but I find that very interesting as well.  Yes, life continues even well after this physical body gives up.  I know.  I have lived many times, in many different places, although I have never incarnated here upon Earth.  I am a visitor here, merely passing through.  Take good care of your Mother Earth for she dearly loves all of her precious children.


I AM Sundeelia VaCoupe

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2 thoughts on “Sundeelia: An Update

  1. Ah, Sundeelia, how I love you. It is time indeed to get back to Nature and, for me, to ignore for the most part what is happening ‘out there’. I am longing to be where I was when I came to this planet born as a human child in this lifetime in 1949, near a magnificent river that now calls me so that I can be be as close as I can be in this frequency of this planet to being home. I am so glad that your Father is in a healing chamber on Arcturus. Love, B.

    • It made me feel very happy to learn Father was on Arcturus. My husband went there, too, and now he has reblended with his Higher Self. When my Father died, a great Being came to me briefly and thanked for taking care of him. I still do not know who it was, only the energy was very strong. Father died in 2000, 18 months after my Mother. They weren’t really my parents, but there is still some emotional residue that requires being released. Tears are good for that. Thank you for your kind comments, Barbara / Altea.

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