JANET EILEENE @ IN5D – Cutting Past And Present Cords In Relationships – 5-12-18

You can perform this action for remembered past lives as well. Cut all cords to individuals as well as any contracts, promises, alliances, pledges, oaths, and vows made to an individual or organization that no longer serves your evolutionary process. Douse the whole in Violet Flame and be done with it.

Higher Density Blog

by Janet Eileene,   Guest writer, In5D.com

Thanks to   https://in5d.com/cutting-past-and-present-cords-in-relationships/

Relationship cord cutting is a powerful healing tool to release the toxic flow between two people, a job or virtually any relationship past or present.

This process is a means to cut cords that bind you with another person.  The longer the cord is running between you and your partner or ex-partner the harder it is to not repeat what didn’t work the first time.  Intimacy creates cords and connects two people in either extremely satisfying ways or abusive patterns.  I recommend cutting cords to all past and present lovers.  The way the cord connects you and someone else leaves an easy medium to send things back and forth and usually not in a healthy manner.

We can also cut the cords on current relationships to shift the toxins out in order to renew and keep the energy clear…

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