The Debt Cannot be Serviced

AIM Truth Bits

by James M. Miller 

I think that the consensus is in—the global ‘fiat’ debt economy has run its course. The central banks own everything! Because they own everything, they now want to do all that is necessary to hold on to their Ponzi gained valuables…essentially the world’s resources. It seems logical to me that what this person states in the video (see below), tracks with the logical conclusion of $300T global debt, that can’t be serviced.

The scenario coming by November, 2018 is rapid equity collapse, followed by hyper-inflation. No pension funds (my income from Boeing), will survive…public or private, including Social Security. Bonds will collapse to zero, globally because all markets will collapse.

This is the resultant of 100 years of fiat Ponzi debt fiat fractional reserve banking. It proves that commodity money is the only money that can be trusted. We have to return to a gold standard…

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