Is Q A Massive Psychological Experiment?

AIM Truth Bits

Post by c-change.


LTF also made another great video, yesterday, about the Q method of psychological research, which is fascinating. It may just be a ‘coincidence’ to have that name, or is it a double entendre?

We may all be unwitting participants in a massive psychological study used to sort and catalogue us all according to how we interpret ambiguous ‘Q’ posts—as well as analyzing and mapping-out the social information networks we use to disseminate our ideas about Q.

I find it especially fascinating to apply this Q research concept to the identity we presume to be behind Q.

Some people are absolutely SURE that Q is Mossad. Others are convinced it’s DIA, or an A.I. etc. Many are SURE of it. Others only know that they don’t know.

This most recent video, presents the claim that Q is run by a collective of people who post on the…

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