Emergency Broadcast: The Bad-guys have Set a Trap = Entry Protocol

Emergency Alert: The Bad-guys have SET A TRAP = Entry Protocols for LightWorkers thru Cobra

The Positive Side of 2012

BEWARE: The Alternative Media is now INVADED by the Bad-guys. COBRA, Benjamin FULFORD, etc., are all affected by the Programmed Humanoids and A.I. Get the DETAILS here. This post was requested by the GALACTIC FEDERATION. Title: May 9, 2018 Entry Protocols

Editor:  There has been infiltration into the lightworker community.  This isn’t personal, it’s a war out there.  You need to shield and protect yourself from AI.

Do you want to get destroyed?  Disappeared permanently?  Become food for reptilians?  Are you joking?  Does anyone really take this seriously?  If so, you have a problem.  Sorry, this isn’t funny.  You will either be taken out or totally infected with implants.

The “bad guys” are getting desperate.  They need food, loess to survive.  Think, people, and don’t fall for this kind of crap.  This is my opinion.  You’re welcome to disagree.  Just know that most materials being shared by unclear persons these days contain triggers to hook the unsuspecting.  I know better.  Be forewarned.  Use the Shield of Archangel Michael daily like putting on a coat in cool weather.  It’s called self-love.

“Sunny” VaCoupe, Line Commander, The White Winds

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