Deep State Reboot, Donations Restarted to Regain Control, Will Fail – Episode 1566b

Deep State Reboot, Donations Restarted to Regain Control, Will Fail – Episode 1566b

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France plans to push back on sanctions. The Iranian/Syrian plan is eventually to get these countries in a position where they can join the OBOR. Trump is pushing the plan in Iran to trap Israel and push them out of Syria, once this happens Assad takes control of his country. The threat to Iran is also gone and a new real treaty can be negotiated with Iran. Q has dropped some more intel, the deep state is trying to reboot their operation by bringing in donations again from different countries. This will fail, the clock is ticking down and the deep state is running out of options.

Is Facebook Rolling Out a One World Currency?

Patriots for Truth

We saw this headline recently and were reminded the last time that Facebook explored the creation of its own cryptocurrency and as memory has it, they have already “been there done that”.  So what are they really up to with this cryptocurrency?

Are they looking for a new revenue stream since they have been busted for monetizing its users’ personal information? Or is Zuckerberg a globalist who is in cahoots with the New World Order bunch and think we will be conned into believing Facebook has cool ideas for the future of money?

mark_zuckerberg_big_brotherWould you buy cyptos from Mark Zuckerberg?

Facebook Plans to Create Its Own Cryptocurrency

“Facebook is exploring the creation of its own cryptocurrency, a virtual token that would allow its billions of users around the world to make electronic payments, people familiar with Facebook’s plans told Cheddar.

“They are very serious about it,” said one of the…

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5/11 Energies: Portal To Forgiveness, Completion Of Old Timelines With Others

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

5/11 energies feel significant today… portals opening into self-forgiveness. Higher Self connections are possible between you and those you’ve known in the past. Old relationship debris gets to clear away as you feel the tears of remorse for what’s happened in these relationships and what didn’t happen too. It’s an opportunity to own the role you’ve played while feeling the Higher Selves of others own their own roles too… ripples of deep self-forgiveness are possible in this today as well as forgiveness of others.

This is a powerful way to complete old timelines and embrace the imminent, highest timeline that is possible for you. So much movement happens when forgiveness is genuine and not simply said but felt. True gratitude can bloom from this too, as you feel these portals open and close, and feel the lessons and growth you and parts of you gathered from each…

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They’re Up the Swamp Without a Paddle

They’re Up the Swamp Without a Paddle

American Intelligence Media

What was the redacted name that Devin Nunes and SES Trey Gowdy went to look at in the redacted files of the DOJ? Sergei Millian Poroshenko, Stefan Halper, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos?

Editor:  These swamp creatures are protecting each other… but they’re being exposed to the light.

Denise LeFay – The Ascension Crossing Point — HighHeartLife

Since late 2017, I’ve been Seeing a huge symbolic transparent crystalline “Rainbow Bridge” out in space, sort of like the one in the Thor movies, but Earth and all of us on Earth are steadily ascending across it. How literal this rainbow bridge actually is I don’t know, but I do know that it […]

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Emergency Broadcast: The Bad-guys have Set a Trap = Entry Protocol

Emergency Alert: The Bad-guys have SET A TRAP = Entry Protocols for LightWorkers thru Cobra

The Positive Side of 2012

BEWARE: The Alternative Media is now INVADED by the Bad-guys. COBRA, Benjamin FULFORD, etc., are all affected by the Programmed Humanoids and A.I. Get the DETAILS here. This post was requested by the GALACTIC FEDERATION. Title: May 9, 2018 Entry Protocols

Editor:  There has been infiltration into the lightworker community.  This isn’t personal, it’s a war out there.  You need to shield and protect yourself from AI.

Do you want to get destroyed?  Disappeared permanently?  Become food for reptilians?  Are you joking?  Does anyone really take this seriously?  If so, you have a problem.  Sorry, this isn’t funny.  You will either be taken out or totally infected with implants.

The “bad guys” are getting desperate.  They need food, loess to survive.  Think, people, and don’t fall for this kind of crap.  This is my opinion.  You’re welcome to disagree.  Just know that most materials being shared by unclear persons these days contain triggers to hook the unsuspecting.  I know better.  Be forewarned.  Use the Shield of Archangel Michael daily like putting on a coat in cool weather.  It’s called self-love.

“Sunny” VaCoupe, Line Commander, The White Winds

ALLISON ENGEL: “Have You Been Feeling The Trickster Archetype On The Prowl?”

Ascension Avatar

“If the enemy remains behind closed doors in the psyche, then it can continue to show up in our experience and victimize us.  Until we face these repeating patterns we cannot unblock channels of abundance and properly lay the ley lines of heaven on earth.  All must heal within the self in order to transform into a power player.”

~Allison Engel

The trickster is the dark force/Lucifer/vampire archetype that is popping up through our consciousness again.

With the last energy blast on May the 2nd hit, we were cleared of everything that was blocking the last bits of ego suppression so that we can see how the trickster operates within.  The next part of this journey as Mars goes retrograde on May 12th is Ego Ascension.  This is an uplifting experience of the warrior releasing all prowess in the fight.  We then get to kick back and see how we…

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Energy Update: INtegration Of Inner Polar Shifts

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

(WONDERFUL golden honey art is by Alexa Allen)

There is MUCH to digest since the 5/5 gateway/star gate 5D experience frequencies OPENED out wide (like an open house to connect with your 5D Self, Guides, Higher Consciousness aspects.) We are invited to walk through our own version of the golden arches, to experience our own versions of Heaven in THIS Now, and to connect with Angelic/Heavenly frequencies of our Metasoul. This is pure golden honey love experience when allowed INto your heart and soul!

Being in the direct stream of SOULar energies flowing from a large coronal hole since a 5/5 gateway opening has amplified the magnetics of Gaia and our own magnetics TOO. There is a reverberation going through Gaia’s orbit, through our own orbits too in response to this. We are moving out of the direct flow of these energies now on May 11th as…

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The Debt Cannot be Serviced

AIM Truth Bits

by James M. Miller 

I think that the consensus is in—the global ‘fiat’ debt economy has run its course. The central banks own everything! Because they own everything, they now want to do all that is necessary to hold on to their Ponzi gained valuables…essentially the world’s resources. It seems logical to me that what this person states in the video (see below), tracks with the logical conclusion of $300T global debt, that can’t be serviced.

The scenario coming by November, 2018 is rapid equity collapse, followed by hyper-inflation. No pension funds (my income from Boeing), will survive…public or private, including Social Security. Bonds will collapse to zero, globally because all markets will collapse.

This is the resultant of 100 years of fiat Ponzi debt fiat fractional reserve banking. It proves that commodity money is the only money that can be trusted. We have to return to a gold standard…

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