Grid Shifts – The Council of Light – Micheila Sheldan, 03.05.18

Grid Shifts – The Council of Light – Micheila Sheldan, 03.05.18

Micheila Sheldan

In this live lecture and demonstration given at the Awake and Empowered Expo in Detroit, Michigan on September 8, 2017, Micheila Sheldan channels a variety of beings and collectives including the Council of Light, the Pleiadians, and Mary Magdalene. The Council of Light provides detailed information about the earth grids and how humans connect to the grids through their structure. They also explain three energetic, crystalline containers of perception: the soul, higher self, and Oversoul. The Council discusses the potentials for the lost records of Atlantis and ancient ruins to be uncovered on our planet and also breaks down the energetic process of pole shifts, the make-up of the earth’s crystalline core and how information from different dimensions flows into the collective. There are a variety of audience questions answered on topics ranging from the breakdown of hierarchies such as our banking system and how AI will affect humanity to the relationship between inner and outer earth, dealing with mental illness and the arrival of new technologies as a bridge to replace those failing on the earth. There is a detailed analogy of Divine Masculine and Feminine offered and how these frequencies are working to force change within the collective consciousness.

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