Healing is at the Core – Jennifer Hoffman, Enlightening Life

The Healing is at the Core

The Healing is at the Core

By Jennifer Hoffman


I have long suspected that I had some serious past life issues around being a prisoner, being shackled, persecuted, tormented, judged and suffering as a result of injustice, power, persecution, and control. But I had no idea until serious health issues forced me to look deeply within my energetic and karma core for clues to understanding why this was happening in my life and understand how far back these energetic imprints go and to what extent I have lived my life through them. For the past five years, I have noticed this trend in my clients too, as I can always trace present life issues to past life traumas and show them how they can be healed and overcome. And these past life issues generally come up around serious life issues that they feel very challenged and disempowered by.

In my case, some of my karmic histories included a time when I starved to death in a French dungeon, where I was shackled to a wall for expressing my political beliefs. In another place which looked like ancient Sumeria, I was a powerful teacher who was enslaved by the government, persecuted, imprisoned, and eventually executed for refusing to deny her beliefs that opposed existing dogma. And in ancient Egypt, I was an imprisoned queen, shackled at the ankles and used as a war trophy to intimidate and control my people. In these past lifetimes, the person (me) was immobilized, imprisoned, and profoundly persecuted, which are powerful karmic themes for me today.

As I looked at these lifetimes I could see myself move from anger to despair at my situation. Struggle was futile, escape was impossible, and in a modern-day insight, I realized that the only way I knew of escaping from imprisonment was to die, which is what nearly occurred with severe health issues I experienced a few years ago. As you know, in this lifetime, I was paralyzed by a vaccine at age 5 and could not move for 2 years and did not walk for 5 years. I have also had 3 near death experiences in which I was told it was not my time to leave so I had to stay.

If death was my past life option to escape imprisonment and persecution, there are other options available to me today, which is why I am still here and still alive. Once I understood the karmic core trauma issue, which is a repetitive situation around being imprisoned, shackled, and persecuted (I have recurring problems with my ankles), being immobilized or ‘imprisoned’ or paralyzed, and being silenced for speaking out, I knew what was causing the situations I have experienced in this lifetime.

So I have the karmic scenario and know the core trauma energy, now it’s time to create a different solution to end the karma and to step out of this cycle that has repeated itself so many times in my lifetimes and in my life today.

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