Animal Odd Couples – [Full Documentary] – Wild Things


I found this video on the blog “What’s the Real Truth” that is so endearing to watch. The comfort and play between these odd animal couples is amazing to watch. But…what is the reason for their instinctive calm and loving behavior?

After watching this video, my thought (spiritual, of course!) is that the driving force between unexpected animal friendships is from the fiercely positive bond developed from either a maternal instinct, or play between the animals. My point is that the extremely positive emotions of these animals actually manifested into a friendship (love) between unexpected species enabling survival.

If this kind of behavior can be witnessed between unexpected animal pairings…just think of what mankind would be able to manifest if only able to focus  on their own set of extremely positive feelings. No other “thing”  or “thought” would be needed, only intense and strong positive emotional response. Pretty neat…

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