Fake Light Workers, OCD Thought Loops & R-Complex Basics – Cosmic Wars Commentary 01.18.17

Fake Light Workers, OCD Thought Loops & R-Complex Basics – Cosmic Wars Commentary 01.18.17

Editor:  Look at energy attacks as a back-handed compliment, folks.  I’ve encountered dark attacks from so-called friends and experienced dark entities take over former lightworkers, especially those who were overtly arrogant and judgmental of others.  It ain’t pretty.  So, don’t give me that love and light pablum.

James Bartley lays it out…

James Bartley discusses Fake Light Workers and contrasts them with Real Light Warriors. Other topics are Children being abducted by Aliens. James’ website is thecosmicswitchboard.com. James also discusses OCD Thought Loops and the basics of R-Complex Lizard Brain Ritualism.

LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Psycho-Spiritual Warfare”


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At the moment, hidden from what the mainstream media reports and excluded from most people’s awareness, is the major events transpiring in the world involve a massive war over controlling the consciousness timelines on this planet. The players are human and non-human, and involve the hierarchy of control that extends way beyond the planetary control mechanism of the Power Elite.

~Lisa Renee

There is a battle between the forces of darkness and tyranny and the forces of light and liberation for the control of this planet and human consciousness, as well as attempting to free those taken over for the use of the human body and access to earth human DNA.  Recently, spiritual warfare has escalated in the worldscape, and those awakened people that are connected to the planetary consciousness body, are able to feel the intense pressure we are enduring as this battle rages on in the…

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