Judge Ellis Lays Legal Foundation for Surveillance State, Clinton Exoneration, and Mueller’s Exit

Judge Ellis… Deep State swamp creature.

Patriots for Truth

This opinion of Judge T. S. Ellis, III is very clever sleight of hand. The charges were dropped, but this opinion is forever. This is a “clean up” document for legal precedents the Deep State believed they needed in establishing the Surveillance State.

There was NO NEED FOR THIS OPINION IN THIS CASE.  Instead, the case was a vehicle to get all these subjects slipped in neatly in 68 pages of verbosity!

Thomas S. Ellis, III Aug. 09, 2006 MEMORANDUM OPINION

  1. Opened the door for Hillary’s exoneration by Comey for lack of willfulness in prosecutor opinion only (judge washed his hands of that on p. 67)
  2. Opened the door for First Amendment Free Speech rights to be curbed by the government itself… in the name of national security
  3. Opened the door to allow Communists to be employed by the federal government
  4. Opened the door to liberal interpretations of Free Speech…

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