Energy Update ~ Crystal Light Geometry ~ May 6, 2018


By Meg Benedicte

We are swimming in a sea of diamond light, gamma waves and plasma blasts…a deluge of high frequency cosmic energy affecting the entire planet. Plasma is a cloud consisting of positively charged ions and free-flowing electrons that tends to be extremely hot, like those found in fusion devices. The plasma waves are entering the earth plane through recurring solar winds.

The increasing plasma blasts weaken earth’s magnetic field and unlock stuck trauma and cellular memory from the human biofield. As the heavy magnetic layers dissolve and release, you may be experiencing intense waves of body heat and energetic clearing. Those with an Atlantean timeline will need to heal and clear past-life trauma and release the destroyed timeline from the aura. This is an extraordinary opportunity to unlock lifetimes of trapped density.

As you break free from the magnetic matrix lockdown, new future timelines are starting to appear…

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