Tussling about with the Aquarian Moon, Lioness Ceres and the Dragon (6-9 May 2018)

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

5DA7B851-B631-47BF-9BED-D6BEC94BA76B - copia
The Moon is now in Aquarius, heading towards the South Node (9-10 degrees) and opposition with Ceres (12 Leo) and the North Node (9-10 Leo).
Over the next 2.5 days, focus on your emotions surrounding your ideals, connection with community and give room for your own visionary insight to emerge. Make it about you in a way that celebrates the self and its value as part of the collective. I´ve padded the dates given slightly to reflect differing timezones. If you are in the US, this is between the 6th -8th , if in Asia 7th -9th  May. 
Whilst there is merit in honoring accumulated wisdom, know that we live in a time where much needs to be overturned and questioned. Allow yourselves to release ideas that no longer align and mental baggage that asks you to forsake pursuing your own creative, joyful, playful sense of self-expression.

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