Mother Gaia is waking up…May 5, 2018


Right now, the Kilauea Volcano National Park in Hawaii on the Big Island is closed for business…for obvious reasons, but that is NOT where the main volcanic activity is happening. The pop-up of volcanic “fissures” leaking and oozing red hot liquid magma east of this park, in a residential area about 25 miles N/NE of Kilauea site has burned a few houses, closed roads, interfered with electrical service in a broad area and caused wide evacuation of this neighborhood.

So…it is wise to stay aware of this situation and keep all affected in your thoughts. I visited the Big Island last March and visited this area while all volcanic activity was quiet and have been to a”Leilani Estates”, the site of current volcanic fissures. Lovely area then, but Mother Gaia IS waking up NOW.

News today is also about changes in the Yellowstone geyser, with volcanic activity noted in: Ibu…

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