Bridging Our Differences: Order, Disorder, and Reorder

Cosmic Composure

An Article by Doug S., MA, MSW

From the accounts of whistleblowers and for those who attempt to read between the lines of the main stream media, we are in the midst of a world war.  Perhaps not since emeryWWII has our planet been in such flux and chaos. In some ways, we could say that our planet, and our collective humanity, has never been more chaotic and in disorder.  There are obvious differences between our current war and previous world wars. For one, there is a huge cyber component rather than the nuts and bolts of conventional warfare.  Also, most of this war is happening behind the scenes, out of the public eye. But even more telling is the conflict going on to win over and influence our collective consciousness.  As humanity awakens, the battle centers around how to interpret our collective story. Humanity’s future is ground zero for…

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