More Angel Dust To Guide Us Trough The Scorpion Full Moon Field

New Beginnings Guatemala

Dear Friends,
I mentioned in my spiritual report from April 26th about the energy field of the last Full Moon in Scorpio, that we have collectively been facing another intensively strong stellar event on April 29/30th 2018. Only three days ago I shared with you a set of angelic number sequences which where transmitted to be passed on as guidance for all of humanity. Now as it looks like, there is quite some need for information steered up by the collective waves of our shared emotional field right now, because the angelic realms kept sending their support. 

Read here which are the Angelic Numbers most important to guide many right now:
Angel Number 717 :

Allows us the joyful realization, that we have made the right decisions, taken the correct directions from our higher self and now are brought thru the angels guidance, on a brand new path full of…

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