Whose Love Shines in Your Heart? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Keep love warm in your heart. No matter how bereft of love you may have felt your whole life long, no matter how much love you were given for a while until a love abandoned you and you wept that your beloved was not your true love, no matter what, you are to stay true to the indwelling love in your heart. You are not to abandon love in your heart nor turn away from it. Love is the essence of all hearts. Love is your very Being. Keep the love in your heart resounding.

What you are to abandon, however, is your presumed ownership of another’s heart. All hearts are free to beat where they will. All those you have loved or do love are yours to release from obligation to love you. I give free will to everyone. You are not to hold another’s heart prisoner…

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