New beginnings and a few words from one ~ May 2, 2018


Yesterday felt different. It felt remarkable. There was no specific reason for it to feel changed.

None that I could see. Yet I felt it.

What was said to more than one of us yesterday was “There’s been a shift.” I moved from longing to hope, from desire for change to belief that change had occurred.

To be clear, there has always been belief, but until yesterday, it was not palpable. It has moved now. It has solidified. It is in my body and my feet are firmly planted on this earth. Our earth.  The one we are all standing on together.

We are new.

There is validation of this from our favorite citizen journalists and bloggers. Here’s one example (click here). The sentiment “Let’s all just get along” has been heard from several others. The division is gone from the dialogue, the finger pointing reduced or absent…

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