Retrospective: Free Your Heart. Be As You Are.

Sophia's Children

Happy Protomagia, as my Greek friend Marinela says, a.k.a. Beltane or May Day (a traditional “thank God we survived the Winter” celebratory and abundance-appreciating reference before ‘May Day’ got co-opted for martial purposes!).

With the recent and current retrogrades, a retrospective into the Sophia’s Children treasure vaults stirred up this still very timely (and recently updated) musing.

Written early in the recent Uranus-Pluto Square cycle, it’s one of my first posts after I switched to the WordPress platform, and one of my ongoing favorites.

It may be more timely for the Energies of Now than it was when I originally wrote it.

Here you go … See what it stirs in and for you.

I’ve been quite introspective over the last month or so, even more than usual (see my previous post, Hail to the Hermit).

Those who aren’t introvertcontemplative types (most people, seemingly), can’t grok…

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