David Wilcock 4-29-18 MORE Updates to his recent article… “The Alliance is not Trump”, “Could MOAB be next week”, and “Intel from David Seaman”

Kauilapele's Blog

Here is another multi-update to David Wilcock’s recent article (this is also at the end of Part 2), and it is full of a few fascinating items. One is related to the Q posting recently posted.

“As is always expected in any instance of discussing the current President of the US, we get a raft of incredibly upset people writing in about it… be clear that the Republicans are dirty as hell, just like the Democrats…

Even if Trump were completely not in the picture, the Alliance would still be doing what they are doing. Please remember that. What the Alliance is doing is breaking down the walls of secrecy against a murderous, Satanic force.

“Once those walls come down, we will have a mass public awakening unlike anything even imaginable. That includes the forbidden technology. There are MANY factions of the Alliance that have nothing to…

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