Trump Plays the Great Game – AIM

Trump Plays the Great Game

American Intelligence Media

Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell discuss these topics. The British roots of the mechanisms of the U. S. secret government are put into historical perspective with the current U. S. shadow government working through the Senior Executive Service, Serco, Crown Agents and their connections to the CityofLondonUK. The president is “Trumping the Deep State” through using the strategies of The Art of the Deal mixed with his own brand of counterintelligence.


An extraordinary interview by Douglas and John Barnwell, involving decades of connections between Lockheed Martin, an Intelligence Agency primarily of the British Crown now, and not just a Defense Contractor, and others attached directly to the British Crown/ the Queen, and the City of London Proper. America, its Intelligence and Technology, along with all main Service and Military Sectors, we find are being controlled by the Crown, SERCO, and likely Rothschilds and Vatican Bank. SES is the secret Obama et al. shadow government that appears to force the continuance of the Crown’s “ownership” of the US Constitutional Republic. An excellent question, Douglas, was how can we extract ourselves from this Centralized Bureaucracy, to become decentralized from the UK and retake our full sovereignty. John seems to feel that it can be done, and President Trump is the one who would be the most capable to do this complex of a multilayered task. It seems to me that all of this came about quite secretively, and insidiously, by past presidents and their cabal. who sold us out, and set up a scheme to not only hide but to also maintain the operation of the fraudulent sellout.

Interesting scientific and historical information about the grab ups of Special Access Program technologies by US corporations, and how FBI/CIA and others facilitated grab ups. FBI wiretapping Marilyn Monroe for information that Kennedy knew about UFO alien capabilities and technology. They took out Nixon apparently because Lockheed Martin and Boeing wanted to steal for itself free energy SAP technologies from the People of the World. Kennedy also wanted to work with the Russians in a collaborative effort, to develop the Space Program to protect Earth against possible unfriendly alien invaders, and CIA Allen Dulles has JFK ended in Dallas, TX.

Interesting also, what John Barnwell speaks of with regard to President Trump’s Uncle, Dr. John Trump, an esteemed scientist who knew Nikola Tesla and understood his work. Yes, there is a real genius in the Trump family that goes back a very long time.


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