The Event – Part 4 – Awakening and Recognizing – the cosmic messenger pigeon

Curious. Read all channeled material with caution and discernment.

...wo das Herz erwachen kann

The energies of the last days and weeks have changed a lot. Something is beginning to change in people’s hearts. Some have felt this for some time. Others feel this only since the gates of heaven were opened and the earth was flooded with the energy of love.

What is heaven and what gates have been opened to the one or other questions will arise!

It is very complex in one way and very simple in the other. But it is not possible to put this into words, because we have nothing comparable in our linguistic usage that could be useful for an explanation. The spiritual realm helps us with comparisons, models and explanations that describe which can be made very simple for the spiritual realm, but very difficult for us to understand with our restricted or limited mind.

Here is a short story, which will also bear the title…

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