OUTRAGE!! ALFIE’S Murder, DEPORT Mullah GULEN NOW! Reset? US Black-out “Drill” ~ April 28, 2018


4/28 Despite multiple attempts to load part one of this video that deals with Flynn, his knowledge of pedogate, Radical Islamist Mullah Gulen and “Pastor” Andrew C. Brunson, currently imprisoned in Turkey and being used as leverage for the extradition of international jihadist, Gulen. Alfie Evans was executed last night by the European Union for his crime of being ill. Despite a clear plan to treat his “rare mitochondrial disease”, Alfie was put to death in a worldwide death ritual meant to condition everyone into accepting medical tyranny over our very right to live or die.

Tomorrow I will kick off LIGHTEN UP SUNDAYS, a video share that focuses solely on GOOD NEWS and upliftment! It is the end of the month, and it is with gratitude that I remind folks that if you really benefit from the content of this channel and have been considering becoming a patron, this…

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