Nobody Won the American Revolutionary War

A little history lesson for Americans. You’re still British.

Patriots for Truth

The book The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America was recently posted on Truth News Headlines and the Anonymous Patriots did not want it to go unnoticed because it provides a panoramic view of British-American relations throughout history that is quite instructive if you are studying Serco, Crown Agents, Urenco and other British corporations that own major parts of the U. S. economy.

Without the historical perspective, it is hard to imagine how such a comprehensive overthrow of American wealth has been accomplished.

Judge Dale, author of the book summarized and abbreviated below, has some very strong ideas that we found might be a bit harsh for ears that are only hearing these truths for the first time. We have not changed any of Judge Dale’s ideas in our presentation, but we have been selective in the content. We wanted to say many of the same things as Judge…

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