Message from the Pleiadian Collective, Ashtar, Sananda for April 29, 2018

As a Line Commander in the GFL, I might point out that Lord Ashtar is NOT the head commander of the Galactic Federation.  The NEW JERUSALEM is a PLEIADIAN vessel, one of three motherships over 3,000 miles in diameter and 47 decks deep. Each star system (Ashtar, Sirius, the Pleiades, Andromeda, etc.) have their own fleets and their own commanders. The Flagship for the Isle (planet) of Ashtar is THE GOLDEN PHOENIX. “Lord Ashtar” is also a TITLE, not a name. Lord Sananda works primarily out of Venus and as a Lord of Light he attends committee meetings on THE WHITE WINDS, the flagship for the Outer Pleiadian Fleet, Head Commander Lord Adrigon VaCoupe, Lord of the Pleiades. THE GOLDEN LILY is the flagship of the smaller Sirian fleet.  By far the Pleiadian fleet is the largest presence in our Solar System and has been financed by Lord Adrigon VaCoupe. Lord Ashtar and the father of Lord Adrigon began building the combined fleets thousands of years ago. People assume that just because one channeler or author has stated something that it is fact. ALWAYS read any channeled material with caution. Much of it is filled with some fact and a lot of misinformation.  I might add, there is also a great deal of disinformation being added to channeled material, as well, since not all channels are clear and/or might be affected by government “voice-of-god” technology.

Rainbow Wave of Light

NewEarth180429Pleiadian Collective

Greetings and warm hellos to humanity this day, this precious now moment. We are the Pleiadian Collective, summoned here today to speak with you on behalf of the others. Our message is one of light, of peace, of unity consciousness and of renewal. For much is happening in the hidden recesses of your world that need not be mentioned at this time, for they are disturbing and must remain in secret for awhile. We are here in full force and in our full support of humanity, shielding you, protecting and guiding when asked. We are polite and only assist when asked for we much respect and acknowledge and uphold / honor your free well as a species, for this is of utmost importance.

We respect your freedom, while others have not, and thus, the quandary. For free will is a tricky thing, it is precious but when it…

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